General/Consumer Matters

Our practice is litigation-focused, however, given our experience in litigation, we are often in a unique position to assist you with a variety of consumer or generalized matters.

Were you sued by a credit card company in Massachusetts?

Are you in a dispute with your home improvement contractor, or a homeowner for whom you performed contracting work?

Do you require small business counsel, entity formation, or partnership agreement advice?

Are you being evicted, or a landlord defending counterclaims in a Summary Process action?

If so, we may be able to help.

There is a tremendous increase in litigation pursuant to credit card agreements, and other consumer debt issues these todays. As reported recently in the Boston Globe, without an attorney to protect your rights, the odds of an equitable result can be very difficult.

Ignoring your obligations, or ignoring even those claims against you for which you feel you are not responsible, will almost never yield a positive result. Generally speaking, the quicker you have an attorney review the matter, the more effectively your rights will be protected. Ignoring a lawsuit will undoubtedly result in Judgment entering against you, which is essentially a court order to pay.

We have flexible and creative fee agreements; if you were sued by a credit card company in Massachusetts – we want to talk to you.

The nature of the contractor-homeowner relationship is unique, and one that can invariably lead to heated disputes. Homeowners generally feel at a disadvantage, due to the specialized knowledge required to estimate costs, time, and complete the project. Contractors often have difficulty accurately predicting costs, and change-orders or modifications arise. An attorney can be an ally for any project, and a proactive approach can prevent disputes.

With respect to large scale projects, additions, and renovations, homeowners should consult an attorney prior to signing or negotiating contracts. Legal fees paid at the outset, can potentially save money, time, and stress in the event of a dispute. The benefits of preventative legal oversight cannot be overstated. A small expenditure at the onset is far more effective than addressing a dispute after it has occurred. For smaller projects, a little preparation can ensure your project is more likely to proceed in a satisfactory manner.

Homeowners in the Commonwealth have significant rights pursuant to the Home Improvement Contractor Act. For example, the following is a brief list of contractor requirements:

  • All contracts over $1,000.00 MUST be in writing.
  • The contract must include the contractor’s name, start and completion dates, description of the work, total contract amount, and signatures of all parties
  • Contractor MUST NOT demand a deposit greater than 1/3rd of the contract total
  • Final payments cannot be demanded until all parties are “satisfied”
  • The contract must list all required permits
  • The contractor’s registration number MUST appear on the contract, the permits, and any advertising
  • The contractor MUST adhere to all building codes and regulations
  • …and this is just a small sampling of your potential rights under the laws and regulations pursuant to home improvement contracts.

    If you are a homewoner experiencing even minor issues with your home improvement contractor – call this office immediately. Generally, the earlier one seeks to improve a dispute, the better the potential outcome. Further, if you are a residential contractor experiencing difficulty with a particular client, contact this office for a review of the facts and circumstances.

Whether you are a residential landlord, commercial landlord, or tenant, Bace Law Group, LLC is prepared to pursue your interests. Our landlord tenant attorneys here in Massachusetts pursue evictions, referred to as “Summary Process” hearings.

From a tenant’s perspective, there are incredibly strict laws in Massachusetts that protect your rights, and violations of those rights can give rise to a cause of action in which you would be entitled to three times your damages. If you are having an issue with a landlord, or a tenant, early intervention is often the best way to achieve a reasonable result.

    Typical Massachusetts Landlord & Tenant Issues

  • Breach of Contract
  • Failure to Pay Rent
  • Breaches of Quiet Enjoyment
  • Health Code Violations
  • Failure to Make Repair
  • Self-help or Illegal Evictions
  • Tenants Without Leases
  • Notices to Quit
  • Evictions – Summary Process Actions
  • Security Deposit Violations

Buying or Selling a Home in Massachusetts? Need a Closing Attorney?

Real estate transactions, whether from the buyer’s or seller’s perspective, can be immensely stressful matters – a trusted Boston real estate attorney can alleviate that stress and ensure your rights remain protected throughout the process

Are you selling or purchasing a home in Massachusetts? If so, the negotiation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement, review of ancillary documents, deed and title search, and home inspection are an absolute must, and only a Boston real estate attorney, or a real estate attorney licensed in Massachusetts can help you effectively move through your closing

From initial consultation through the actual closing, our Massachusetts real estate transaction attorneys are prepared to represent and protect your interests.